About the Band

...You could say it's been a long time coming...

By the side of the oldest church in Southern Finland, there's a small cottage where four guys started jamming some old songs in spring 2011. Every now and then, Roger (bass) and Paul (guitar), old mates from elementary school, had talked about forming a band; sometimes it was a funk band, sometimes rock'n'roll, sometimes something else. By spring 2011, putting the band together was unavoidable, and, as Roger and Janne's (vocals, guitar) old band had come to an end, the road was open, so to speak. This called for a voracious drummer with fluency in all languages of rock'n'roll, and Tero was the ultimate answer to this need.

New songs started flowing out, some of them had a taste of the Rolling Stones, some a flare of the Kinks or Atomic Swing, but more and more the band started to have a sound of their own. So, is it power pop? Is it rock'n'roll? Are there influences from soul, rhythm & blues, psychedelia and garage rock? Well, probably, but who cares about genres? This music is from the heart, and these guys are dedicated to the mission of bringing great music to the masses. As Chuck Berry once said, and The Expected took to their hearts, "If you're gonna do it, why not get it right?"

The Expected is:

Janne Äyräväinen, vocals & guitar
Roger Sandell, bass
Paul Wallin, guitar
Tero Rikkonen, drums

The Expected